Society's hypocritical behaviour regarding self love

Martina's article on self love resonated with me on a level many might not understand, it is a letter I wish I had read when I was struggling with my identity. Figuring out who you are as a person is difficult, arguably one of the most difficult things we all have to do this experience is made even more difficult you have to deal with pressure and negativity from people. Most people only openly promote self love but with conditions. This self love that you have must make you the person that they will like you to be, not necessarily the person that you are, although they are promoting self love it is within boundaries, certain conditions must be met.
Via @theslumflower

This to me is the highest level of hypocrisy.

Self love is built on the principle that you determine what the parameters of love are for you and how they apply to you but in the society we live in other people should determine these parameters. My inspiration for this article was  a picture on twitter of a woman who shared a picture of herself sans wig with the caption: wig off, still a 10. This caption to me showed how comfortable she was with herself, how deeply rooted her love for self was and honestly just how beautiful it is when people love themselves.

I apparently was the only one who saw beauty in this because she was crucified for this with people making depreciating jokes about her appearance and throwing all kinds of unkind comments her way. These crucifiers are often preachers of self love (one of them had it written in her bio) of course self love that is pretty, filtered AKA unrealistic. It saddens me that with how far we have come in the world we are still expected to fit society's definition even when it comes to our most personal experiences. I hope you have the courage to live freely. 
Jasmine x