Black and a Creative

What does it mean to Black and a Creative?

In an industry that does not represent the people, the rise in prominent and upcoming Black Creatives is at long last here!

For a while I, as well as plenty of other women of colour, have criticised the creative industry for its lack of representation. The lack of females, the lack of females of colour and, more surprisingly the lack of black women in the media. It is all well and good that we are great entertainers but we are also the brains behind that very entertainment. 

Opportunity. One of the greatest forces to work against the community. Where does one find the opportunity? Do we allow ourselves to bask in sorrow as we await the "right opportunity" to find us? Do we take any given opportunity as it comes?

Putting yourself in the right situations, the right networks with the right connections will bring about the right opportunities. At times, there will be no platform willing to take on a Black Creative but that doesn't mean that you sit back and wallow! Create that platform!

Biggest Tip: Use social media to find like-minded people.

Social media is a FAN-TAS-TIC way of finding people that share the same interests as you and are working or want to work in the same field as you do. You can easily gain inspiration, ask and share advice and, may even get some work experience, as well as broadening your network!

Being Black and a Creative does also mean having to work twice as hard, learn to deal with disgruntling pressure from families, self doubt and rejection. But hey, that's all coming in future posts!

So stay tuned!

- Iman (ig: @emanuthman)