I take my friends for granted on a constant, I think my friends would be worried if I appreciated them as much as I know I should. Funny thing is I haven't lost most of the ones that mean a lot to me but every now and then,  I do something silly without really caring what repercussions it will have. 

One of those days was today when I was meant to meet a friend but arrived late. My very old friends have a running joke of how late I am and are used to this. However, this particular one didn't do what all the others would have done and what I have subconsciously come to expect of them: she left. 

Not only did I feel shitty for pushing her to the point where she had to leave but I felt shitty because I went home as well and lost a day I was meant to experience something I'd looked forward to for a while and it was of my own fault. No one else's. To many I am being dramatic for no reason but I do think we should appreciate people who love us and want to be in our lives a lot more, being able to share our lives with people is a pleasurable experience and I am going to start treating it as such. 

 I love my friends and just because I wouldn't mind waiting for however long for friends doesn't mean I should expect them to do so. I'm going to try to be a better friend and constantly remind those I care about I do and not expect them to know and I think we all should. Do you also take your friends for granted? Let me know in the comments :)

Jasmine x