How is it going? Welcome to Jasmine's journal.
Lets have a little chat about how Jasmine's journal came about, I have known i wanted to launch Nwaanyi for a long time and when the idea came into my head the first person I spoke to was Martina as she is one of the few people who I trust creatively because our creativity stems from personal experiences that we want to share, we express this creativity in different ways but the origin is the same. We had to do quite a lot of planning, get amazing people to write with us and it has been an amazing experience creating something we are very proud of, we are very happy that we can share our child with you LOL, we just hope you can relate to it.

Jasmine's journal originated from my development as a person and will hopefully serve as a way for me to document different aspects of my life, it will be a summary of my thoughts, also a safe place where I can share without fear of judgement and hopefully like minded people will share their own experiences. That is what we all want Nwaanyi to be, a community wound together because we all share one thing in common: female African experiences. I grew up in two continents, in the first one we all had similar experiences and although there were not many forms to express this I never felt like something was missing. In the second however our experiences were different and mine seemed like the least relevant.

I know everyone says this but my hope for Nwaanyi is that we create something that contributes to the appreciation of African women.

My journal will include a lot of things and they will be ever changing as what I write will have a direct correlation to where I am in my personal development. Everything i write here will be completely honest and unfiltered, as I share my life with you all I want you to feel comfortable enough to share yours with us and other readers here. tHe most important about Nwaanyi for us is for it to be judgement free. Judgement is prevalent in African culture and the reason many young people don't share their experiences, we want the exact opposite here.

In summary we hope we create something that makes you feel you can be comfortable with us and thank you so much for reading! Feel free to share you thoughts in the comments :)

Jasmine x