Hey everyone,
   Welcome to Martina’s journal.
In real life I’ve tried keeping a journal religiously since I decided to write more; I wrote everything in it, from quotes to poems (some of which I cringe at today). At first I was just collecting words but overtime whenever I felt the urge, I would spill my guts and write everything and anything that came to mind. From all this came an urge to share my writing with people and for some reason I was drawn to motivational writing, I wanted to inspire people with words and share the same hope I felt whenever I collected and read these quotes. So, I started with Instagram, I had no real goal with my writing, I just did it because I enjoyed it and I was bored.

When jasmine talked to me about starting a creative website together, one that would inspire African women and a platform to share all our experiences; I have to admit that I was terrified, I’d never done anything like it. But I was also in awe that she’d wanted to do it with me. I wanted to share my writing with more people, especially teens like me, and nwaanyi was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss.

Martina’s journal here will be a lot like her’s in real life, I’ll share everything I feel will be of help, give some inspirational advice (I hope they’re not boring), a lot of my posts will include personal experiences and most importantly what I learnt from them. This is a judgement free zone so we can all share our judgement free opinions.

Nwaanyi is going to be a place of relaxation, a place to unwind from a busy day at work or school, or even a great way to start your day, you’ll find a community of women like you and I who understand your struggles, (be it of hair, skin or life in general) and are willing to give help where it’s needed.

We hope to establish a community of women who love themselves and we’d love you to always share  your thoughts with us. Thank you so much for reading. This is Martina’s journal.