The Importance of Unity

Why is unity so essential in today’s society? 

With all the heinous things being committed in the past few years (or even going further back in time), remaining as a united front has become one of the most essential ingredients to our survival and progression. Creating a community where one does not have to face issues alone, or feel secluded, has become of great importance.

As African youths living outside our home countries, we are fed negative images of our continent, through the media, in which they resort it to a land filled with suffering, which is not true. I am not ignoring the heinous crimes and truly worrying economic and social problems faced in our African countries HOWEVER, don’t forget about the rich culture, breath-taking landscapes of vibrant green and variety of food that leaves your taste buds satisfied for hours. There is more to Africa than what is portrayed in the media and we have an obligation to ensure that the beauty of our continent is recognised and appreciated.

"Cross the river in a crowd, and the crocodile won't eat you." 

I spoke to a fellow Sudanese who came from Sudan to study in London, and he told me: ‘You’re so lucky you live in London, I would never go back to Sudan’. This in particular upset me, mostly because I could sense the lack of hope he had towards our country prospering or having a potential future. There are indeed valid reasons for his disinclination as Sudan has faced many economic, social and humanitarian issues that have led Sudanese youths who live there to feel disheartened. Why is unity essential at this point? Well because, we need to encourage one another not to lose hope in the countries our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents (etc) are from. We need to transform the dissatisfaction of our countries’ current state into an advocacy for change, and instead of trying to ignore the problems, try to find solutions and raise awareness of them. Of course the road to change is going to be difficult and lengthy considering the deep rooted problems, but first and foremost:
We need to build a positive image of our continent, in order to plant seeds of hope and aspiration for a better future in the hearts and minds of young Africans. 
We are the futures of our beautiful continent therefore we must stand by one another to keep our ambitions strong and to accomplish our dreams.

[Kampala, Uganda - I witnessed amazing traditional dances
from a variety of East African countries.]

Remain a proud African regardless of where you’re positioned in the world, carry that with you and inspire others to do so too.

So to all who read this and have subscribed and become a part of our blog, I wish you a warm welcome to our community. 

Stay ambitious and optimistic 😊

-          Tasneim Mahmoud x