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     My Verdict;
          I have always been a sensitive person, I didn't always pride myself in it because it was difficult. And growing up, it still is sometimes. When I was much younger it wasn't a big deal  because if I cried about anything it was because I was still a child. But as I was growing up, I began to notice that people were not as sensitive as I was, they didn't worry or care as deeply as I did.
      When I went off to boarding school, it was even more difficult, my kind and sensitive nature made a lot of people take me for granted. Apparently, I was too nice, too sensitive, cared to much, cried all the time, too empathetic, even if I disliked you, I was nice to you. And I was okay with it.
     It wasn’t easy, I felt uncomfortable with myself most of the time, I didn't like that I would cry anytime I had a misunderstanding with a friend, or if I was under a lot of pressure, or if I didn't totally ace my tests. I wanted to be everyone else's definition of strong but it wasn't in my nature and I knew I'd look silly if I tired.
      Because I was so sensitive, I had quite a number of friends and most people saw me as someone that they could talk to or ask something of. On the other hand, a lot of people took my kindness for granted and preyed on my sensitivity. Some of them even thought that it made me weak and for a while, I let it bother me. I know that I’m sensitive, I didn’t have to self discover to know it. I mean I still cry when I watch titanic - and I’ve watched it over 9 times. I’m a little ashamed to say this; but whenever I go to the supermarket and they don’t have the flavor of pringles I want, I feel a little tear building up in the corner of my eyes. I’ve accepted it, sometimes I will cry for the most silly reason you can ever think of.
     I thought I was foolish for letting myself feel and care so much, but I wasn't, I was just more sensitive than others and I learned to accept that I'll always be. I've also learned to stay away from people who are ready to take advantage of my sensitivity. And even when I subconsciously notice that someone is taking advantage of my kindness, I help them anyway, because this is who I am. And I’ve come to accept it.

  Being a very emotional person has its pros and cons, when I’m happy, I’m really happy. And when I’m sad, I’m really sad. It goes both ways. I’m never able to feel things on an “average level” and because of that I’m constantly being called a softie, or over emotional, and so on. But I wouldn’t trade my sensitivity for anything because I believe it has made me a better person. And quite honestly, we’re all a little bit sensitive, maybe some more than others, but once in a while we feel things deeply; be it anger, fear or joy, to the extent that we want to scream just to let the emotions out. There’s nothing wrong with it. Personally, I think we need more sensitive people in this world, maybe now more than ever.

Being sensitive is more that just a feeling, it means being very observant, caring about everyone and everything way more than another person would, you may even cry about everything. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with being sensitive, you're not abnormal, you're compassionate and genuine and there's nothing wrong with that. The moment you accept your sensitivity as a part of you, you’ll live a much better and peaceful life.

Are you a sensitive person?, do you feel like you're out of control sometimes and your emotions are all over the place?, are you one of those people who live with guilt over unresolved situations even if it wasn't really your fault?, Have you ever cried for pringles?, or maybe chocolate?. You're sensitive and there's nothing wrong with it. You're not over emotional, or overreacting and you're definitely not “too sensitive”.

-A.O. Martina.


  1. The love you have for pringles still lingers.
    lovely post XX

    1. LOL! Pringles makes me happy. Thank you for reading. Love, Martina.


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