I think everybody is weird, we should all celebrate our individuality and not be ashamed of it. - Johnny Depp

So you're probably looking at this title and wondering what the hell this female specie is talking about, or you're probably telling yourself that you've read enough of these self love articles. But, you're here already, so you might as well hear me out. Let's talk about the things that you do that most people find abnormal.
I mean, you should read my journal (morbid is what comes to mind, sometimes it’s a little bit of “how the hell does she come up with these words”),I'm scared of roaches but not of rats, I'm probably the only girl in the universe who doesn't care for make up ( it’s not that I don’t like it, I just don’t know how it works, I may be interested in the future), my casual clothes consist of jeans, sneakers and oversized shirts, you may never find me wearing a fitted dress ( I obviously dress more for comfort than for style) “ALL THESE THINGS MAY CHANGE AND I OWE NO ONE ANY EXPLANATION FOR IT.”, I'd rather walk barefooted, I eat way too much pringles, and even if I was born in the 21st century, I'm not a fan of social media or selfies. Yes, I'm a very old soul. Let's not even get into my meticulous and perfectionist habits. There's a lot more that I don't know about myself, most of which I wish I could change and some I didn't notice myself, others did. But it is who I am and I’m learning to embrace it as a part of me.

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And here's the good part;

The thing about weirdness is that it's really everywhere, its the way we speak, the way we dress, the way our body looks, weird is how we live. One thing about you is probably weird to someone somewhere, the fact that you don't like parties is weird to someone who goes to one every week. Most of the things you consider weird are so because you've been made fun of, because it makes you different and people are scared of different.
Weird is a strength whether you realize it or not, sometimes you meet someone who is equally as weird or even more and you become the best of friends. Think about what happens when you try to hide it, in an effort to seem "normal", it can be a little depressing and most of the time you start to feel like you’re not being your authentic self. But that can be helped, I’ll tell you what I know and how I’ve come to embrace my weirdness.

In order to embrace it;
You need to surrender every need to fit into the expectations of others at the expense of your growth, celebrate your loss of normalcy and claim your authenticity. Be your weird imperfect self. That's your gift to the world. When you truly embrace all the aspects of your personality, even the little things, you will find people who also accept those things. Those little quirks that make you authentic, they make you who you are.

Embrace your ordinary and your boring, but also embrace your uniqueness, your oddities. 

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There's really no such thing as normal, no two people are exactly the same. Anyone who tries to become the best version of themselves will be considered weird, when you make a conscious decision to be unapologetically you, when you're willing stand out from the crowd, you're going to get a few judgemental glances, you're stirring something up inside people and it scares them. You weren't put on this planet to be like anyone else, there is no beauty without some "strangeness", don't waste your time trying to be like everyone else and run the risk of showing the world how amazing you are.

Never apologize for being flawlessly weird, and stay that way. We already have too many stiff necks and starched collars pretending to have meaning, you are a breath of fresh air in a world that needs a little more oxygen from your forest of oddities. - Sam Rhiley.

I know how difficult it is to love who you are unapologetically, or to completely accept that you’re noticeably different from others, but it is important to stay positive, surround yourself with people who adore you and remind yourself that you’re special. Have you ever felt weird or different around people?, is there anything that you do that people find weird?, how do you cope with the negativity you get because of it?, let me know in the comments



  1. Hi Martina! I enjoyed reading this so much. I'm really weird and I love that fact about me. The fact that I'm different used to make me feel bad until someone made me realize how much people wanted to be like me. That propelled me to unleash more weirdness into the earth! I love me and every weird part of my composition and I'm happy I'm this way.

    1. Hey Firi. Thank you for reading. Obviously I can relate with being really weird and as I’ve done a little more self-discovery over the years, I’ve realized that once you become more comfortable with being yourself, you become an inspiration to others and you find that they also want to be like you. Also, my being weird is connected to how my mind works, if I didn’t embrace it, I probably would not be here, sharing my stories and ideas with the world. Overall, it’s important that you do not allow anyone around you make you feel uncomfortable with you who are. You're clearly on the right path, I’m happy that you see embracing weirdness as a lifestyle and not a concept.


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