Hey there, It’s Martina.

Since it’s almost the end of the year, I’d like to share with you guys my best products for 2017. These are my favourite beauty and lifestyle products that I used this year.

I’m going to do a mini review, so enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š

I’ve been using this product for my hair since I started growing it out and I honestly haven't had any problems with it…apart from the smell, but that can be helped (a lot of people mix theirs with an essential oil like lavender).
Since I started incorporating it into my hair routine I’ve seen;
—great improvement with moisture since my hair usually feels dry, in turn, this helped to reduce breakage and the appearance of split ends.
— My hair looks and feels healthy; that means I’ll be able to retain length and it’ll grow longer.

  I also use it on some occasions on my skin. It helps to;
—reduce eye bags and the appearance of eye wrinkles.
—fade dark marks and scars by naturally enhancing collagen production.
—smoothen skin ( I used it on my face every night for a week and I got a lot of compliments on how smooth and silky it was๐Ÿ˜‰).                                                                                
—protect the skin from UV rays as it is a natural SPF.

—great lip balm (I do this mostly at night).
—reduce razor irritation and bumps.

I started using this is boarding school and I guess it just stuck with me since then. I honestly use this because it smells great and it makes my underarms feel good ๐Ÿ˜Š. It has 0% alcohol (so it says on the tin), so I guess that’s good too.

It has a lot of amazing natural oils & herbs pictured above.

My hair stylist recommended this when I told her I was looking for an affordable moisturizer and honestly, it’s gold for my hair.
    Hair wonder is a great natural hair boosting butter with natural ingredients. It’s great for moisturizing, conditioning, growth, breakage, hair loss, softening, its anti-dandruff, it’s high in plant-based protein, vitamins, mineral & anti-oxidants. It’s perfect.

I use this in my DIY face cream and as a pre poo (apply on my hair before shampooing). It has amazing moisturizing benefits, it helps to fade acne scars and dark marks. It’s a light oil and it won’t clog your pores. Another great alternative for this is olive oil.

I discovered this last year and I decided to try it out. A year later, I’m pleased to say that I don’t regret my decision. I like to use this as a toner either by itself or mixed with ACV in my DIY toner. It has the sweetest fragrance- obviously. It’s a cooling and refreshing beautifier that soften and moisturizes skin. It's great for toning. It’s literally water and rose extract in a bottle.

This has become a staple at home. My mom uses this for almost everything. It’s great for weight loss, skin, hair, everything. Although I’ve never taken it orally (because honestly it doesn’t smell great so it probably won’t taste great either), I have seen impressive results while using it on my skin and hair;
—It fights acne, pimples and blemishes.
—It balances the skin (can be used as a facial toner).
—Removes toxins from your face leaving a youthful and clean glow.
—Sunburn relief.
—Razor bump remedy.
—Hair rinse.
—Dandruff treatment.

Whoever invented Vaseline must be a genius. My siblings like to comment about how I have so many little tubs of this amazing product all over the house. Even if I forget myself at home, I won’t forget Vaseline. Most Nigerians tend to remember this product only during the harmattan period because it has amazing long-lasting moisturizing properties and it's perfect for combatting dryness.
   Personally, I use Vaseline
—As a lip balm #chappedlipstruggles
—On my wrists and neck before spraying perfume so that the fragrnce lasts longer.
—It’s great if you have dry feet; apply it and wear cotton socks.
—As a cuticle cream.
—As an eyelash fertilizer (it actually works).
It's l]lso very affordbl and you can find it anywhere.

  When I was struggling with really bad acne,
I saw one too many ads for this product. Now I don't usually buy every product I see on every ad, but desperate times call for desperate measures, so I was compelled. I bought it, I used it, my face hs never felt better. Next to the clean & clear morning burst face wash, this one is the best. It's moisturizing, (I emphasize moisture a lot because I hate feeling dry), it's gentle and if you have sensitive skin, you'll love it too.

    *V05 SHAMPOO.
  My plan to use every flavour/fragrance of the V05 shampoo failed when I came across the moisture milk strawberries & cream. It literally smells like ice cream, sometimes when I’m bored to death, I put it under my nose because it smells that good (sounds weird, but if you know me by now, you know I’m not your everyday normal). Apart from its fragrance, which l must say, lasts a long time. It’s moisturizing so my hair doesn’t feel dry even after I’ve rinsed it out, it contains five vitamins; E, H, C, B5 and B3 hence the name “V05”, and last but not least it’s cheap.
Name brand natural hair products in Nigeria can be really expensive, but you don’t have to break the bank every time you need to wash your hair. V05 is the solution!

I hope you guys enjoyed this beauty post, comment your favourite products for 2017, why you like them and if you’ll continue to use them. Who knows, I may see something I like. See you in the next one. Bye!



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    Thanks baby girl for the tips dear... Keep it up sweety

    1. You’re welcome. Thank you for reading. We hope you continue to read all our content, we’d love to hear from you more often. Love, Martina


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