First of, Rupi Kaur is a genius. Her writing style is so unique, her poems leave you in deep thoughts. It leaves you wanting more and more. I wish the book never ended, it is so unique in every way. I had a chance of reading the eBook, and you can imagine the number of pages I saved. From falling, to rooting, to rising and the end which is blooming. She touches all aspects, like sex, immigration, accents, love, relationships, death, self-love, acceptance, falling down and rising up. I am scared I would say too much so GO READ THE SUN AND HER FLOWERS.
I will share a few of her poems that I loved, because if I share all I would spoil the reading experience for you. Yes reading this book is an experience, take it or leave it. I believe everyone takes a different message from this book, everyone also gets a different meaning from this book.

"remember the body
of  your community
breathe in the people
who sewed you whole
it is you who became yourself
but those before you
are a part of your fabric"

-honor your roots (rooting)

"there are far too many mouths here
but not enough of them are worth
what you're offering
give yourself to a few
and to those few
give heavily"

-invest in the right people (blooming)

"you can imitate a light like mine
but you cannot become it" (falling)

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