Hey everyone, it’s my first 2018 article. This isn’t just another article, today I’m going to be telling you all how to make the best of this year.

 I know that most people completely dismiss the previous year and make so many negative remarks about it just because a new year has come. I’d be in serious denial if I said that this year won’t have obstacles of its own. And I’ve come to accept that even if I may have even greater obstacles to face as the years progress, it’s only a sign of growth. After all, “The bigger your goals, the more you have to overcome”. And because I realize that difficulties will come, I take my lessons from the previous year and form solutions to help me in the years to come.
That’s why I’ve tagged 2018 a year to be intentional. And this is where the vision board comes in.

      *The Vision Board
Last two years (2016), on my Instagram page (@martinamotivation). I wrote about how a vision board is one of the necessary things you need to help you achieve your goals,  it’s purpose is basically to serve as a daily reminder of what your goals are and to motivate you. A visual representation of your future aspirations is one of the many ways you can stay focused on reaching those goals. 
It’s not at all a hard thing to do, all you need to do is cut and paste pictures that represent your goals (fitness, relationship, academic, career, and so on). You can also add a few quotes and bible verses.
Personally, quotes and bible verses keep me so motivated, so my vision board contains more of these than pictures.

I said earlier that my mantra for the year is to be intentional. What this means is to live less out of habit and more out of intent, speaking intentionally, being happy intentionally, writing intentionally, and just generally living intentionally. Being intentional helps you to be more mindful.

An intention and a goal are completely different concepts. A goal is a destination, an achievement & something that you strive towards. An intention however, is part of you, it’s the first thought towards something. It sets the energy that you hold when moving toward something you want. It’s basically a driving force for your goals.

So you could set all your goals but without the intention of enjoying the process of discovery (good and bad), that year could be filled with stress. Without setting the intention to look at every challenge as an opportunity, or to celebrate even the small breakthroughs, the goal may not feel good even when it’s achieved.

When you set a goal, do it with intention. An intention that offers you the opportunity to be the best you can be in any given moment. My intention for 2018 is to be happy, and every goal I’ve set this year is centered on making me happy. So, what are your intentions for 2018?, how do you intend to make the best of this year?. Tell me in the comments. Bye