Not very well.

If you had asked me this question a week ago I would probably have given you some long-winded answer about self-love and confidence, which is great and don't get me wrong it is important to be confident and love yourself but it is also unrealistic to be able to feel good about yourself all the time and today was a day I did not feel too good about myself and as much as I hate to admit it, it was because I failed someone's test for perfection.

I have pretty good skin which I am grateful for and have passed the age of having terrible acne, I rarely get spots nowadays but today I have spots on my face and honestly I did not pay much mind to them but a friend of mine pointed them out and his words were "what happened to you?"
 This stuck with me, it is not something that I consider a problem, it is just two spots for crying out loud but since he mentioned it I haven't been able to stop staring at it, wondering if everyone else is staring at it, researching spot treatments.

I hate the place he has made me realise I am in when it comes to self-confidence, I hate to admit that I don't feel 100% because I feel like that is the first thing everyone will see. I hate that I nearly bought a concealer even though I have never owned one in my life just because he thought something was wrong with me for being a 19-year-old girl with two spots on her face.

I am feeling a lot better now but still conscious of my spots, I guess I am realising that my confidence won't always be 100% and there will be triggers that will make me feel less than I should but it is alright to feel low as long as I don't dwell in that position but realise that I am more than how I feel at that moment.

I hope you realise this too.

Have you ever had a moment like this, how did you deal with it, feel f4ree to let me know in the comments section :)

Jasmine x


  1. I think it’s completely fine to have moments like this, when you’re not feeling a 100% confident. Although I’m an advocate of self love and embracing all that you are, I do have moments when I view myself as not that great, or not that smart, or nothing at all. But I’ve figured that it’s better to focus on all the other positive comments you receive, even if it sounds like flattery. Yes, the negatives will be there and people will spot one to many pimples, even the ones you swore weren’t noticeable before you went out the door (literally & figuratively speaking). The important thing is to accept that things like this will always happen and try not to think too much about moments like these. Love, Martina.

  2. You are the best human ever, I honestly love you so much ❤️ Once again I feel like you really understood what I was trying to say. Thank you and I will keep it in mind ❤️


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