Happy international women’s day my loves!!!

This is my first public attempt at poetry, please view it with forgiving eyes.
I hope that is something you will read on days when you are not feeling the best about yourself as a reminder that you are indeed the definition of phenomenal.

Dear phenomenal woman
Take pride in your everyday
Not all creatures rise with the grace you do
The optimism in the world which you keep
The strength  which you have

The straightening of your spine
Your defiance of the world

Not blind to obstacles
that the content of your character will speak louder than the pitch of your voice
Or the sway in your walk
Or the red of your lips
Or the grace of your fingertips


Yet even as you breathe in the dust from the doors slammed in your face
because your shoulders are not broad enough
Fingers not calloused enough
Palms not hard enough
Chin not sharp enough

You persevere

And find a keyhole that you can seep your essence through, so the gates are open for others like you
because you know
We are
You are

Love, Jasmine x