I have always felt that the amount of work we are advised to put into our friendships is disproportionate to the amount that feels like the bare minimum in a non-platonic relationship. As an only child, I grew more attached to my friends than the average person, well that’s what I believe anyway. 

My love languages are touch and words of affirmation and in close proximity, it’s easier to execute these and develop and sustain relationships. When there is any form of distance words of affirmation become harder to execute as there is no touch to reassure me of the connection. Tiny things like holding my hand and giving me a hug, show me you care and that is also how I reciprocate. I have given up on so many friendships because I didn’t feel a connection or because it became too difficult to sustain the relationship but today one of my best friends turns 21 and as I ponder on how long we’ve continued to choose each other as friends (6 years) I realised that to show anyone love, regardless of who they are to you, you have to choose them consistently and that’s all. 

If you want someone in your life regardless of how far, you have to make a choice to constantly love them, no excuses.

Choose wisely.

jasmine x


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  2. Nweke chidimma sylvia26 May 2018 at 17:14

    I love this... Just amazing.. Thanks for sharing with us


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