"Writing about a writer's block is better than not writing at all."
                                   - Charles Bukowski.

 It's inevitable.

For the past couple weeks, I haven't had any creative inspiration pop into my head and it's been depressing not only because writing is my go-to whenever I feel overwhelmed by the world but also because i've realised how not writing can affect my life. I know, I know, you may not get it. Right now, I would say writer's block is the enemy, but if I were being honest, my true enemy is perfectionism. I always want everything to be just right before I put pen to paper or touch the keyboard. I try to get it perfect in my head and never do, so I never begin.

So how do I destroy the enemy?
I've come to realise now that the thing about writing is; It's an art, not a science and I have to approach it as such by trying new stuff and finding what works best for me.
Being in this ''uninspired" state has taught me what to do and what not to do when trying to overcome writer's block.

What to do;
 *Read a book.
 *Write anything (no matter how random).
 *Create a routine.
 *Brainstorm ideas (and put them down).
 *Read some inspiring quotes/articles to get started.

What not to do;
 *Refuse to write until you feel inspired.
 *Wallow in self-pity.
 *Complain about how you hardly have the time.
 *Procrastinate #guilty
 *Watching TV.

"Start somewhere, start anywhere, write a few lines. It doesn't have to be eloquent or presentable (all first drafts suck); it just needs to be written. Write for the joy of writing. Because you can't not do it."

The difference between the professionals and amateurs is this: both encounter blocks, but one pushes through while the other one gets paralyzed. So whether, your're a writer, a producer, a content creator, an artist or whatever amazing thing you have going on. You can do this. Just try.