Is it worth purchasing?

As some of you might know I am a self-proclaimed skincare aficionado and constantly trying new products, of recent I, have been trying a lot of face masks and I decided to share my thoughts on them, in hopes that they help your skin care purchases in some way.  

Why I purchased it-
My main skincare concerns are blackheads and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and this face mask had brightening properties as well as light exfoliating beads to reduce the appearance of acne. 

Pros - 

  • It improves the overall appearance and texture of skin. 
  • Inexpensive.
  • Not uncomfortable during application ie it doesn’t give that stuff can’t smile feel. 
  • Can be used on your body as well. 
  • Easy to use 
  • Natural
  • Organic 

Cons - 

  • It is very messy - I had to wash the bathroom each time I used it, I like a clean bathroom as much as the next person but I'd rather not have to clean it constantly. 
  • It expires within a month so you will need to share with someone or it will go to waste, except you use it on your body which I did. 
  • Can have a drying effect when left on for longer than advised, which leaves skin highly dehydrated, so much so, that I had to use a sheet mask right after. 
  • It has to be refrigerated, which makes it had to travel with. 

Overall verdict -  it is a good face mask that does what is advertised but it could be more user-friendly, using it feels like a chore because I know I will have to tidy up afterwards and there are face masks that work just as well without the hassle. I really hope this helps. 

Jasmine x