A love note to my teenage self

Dear teenage Jasmine, I miss you. 

I know it’s only been two months but so much has happened in these two months. This is the first birthday that I have felt a change. 
First of all I’m now of child bearing age, me Jasmine - childbearing! 
Can you believe it? I can’t. 

There is so much I have to be aware of, my body, my mind and my heart.  I am terrified yet excited. 

As I stepped into twenty this urge to do, see and feel is heightened. I no longer  feel the limitations of a teen cocooned by naïveté or an adult cautious with responsibility - I feel free. 
to do, to feel, to run, to love, to be. 

There is something about being in your twenties that fuels your confidence, some might call it false or accuse you of living in a bubble  but  it feels real. I no longer spend as much time wondering what others think of me, I like who I am and what I represent and also acknowledge changes and the potential of becoming a better person. 

I might have struggles unique to this new point in my life but I have never felt more equipped to deal with all the challenges that lay ahead. 
I feel ready.