- A piece by Seyitan Ogunmokun.

I often ponder on a lot of things: like if I have actually made an impact on my world, or if I prefer Hotdogs to Sharwarma, or if Iron Man III is still the best movie i've ever seen. But mostly about the impact part of things (of course!). I don't know why but it's quite important to me that i don't leave the World the way I met it. The world has to know that I was here. Earth has to testify of my very existence otherwise what would I have lived for?

I guess maybe these thoughts just stem from my fear of oblivion. The words "void", "null" and "empty" give me the hibbie jibbies. Imagine that it is said of a man who did live long that he had an empty existence or that his life was null and void. What then did he spend all that time doing? The thought of that scares me to the bones, and so I ask myself, "Seyi, if you were to die today, would it be said that you lived well or you lived empty? It's a lot to think of, and no. I'm not suicidal. I wish there were a meter or some sort of equation to measure up the kind of impact you've made so far but sadly there isn't and i'm desperate to find a way out.

I know that one day Earth itself will pass away and one way or another, I'll be sucked into the very oblivion that i'm so desperately running away from and I cannot prevent it, but in the short time that I've lived, I've come to understand some things about Flux and Energy and Force fields and how the energy you put into the atmosphere creates your force field and invariably controls the flux of your life and your very existence. So i guess really the question is, "What energy are you putting out there?, And of course how hard are you putting it?"

Seyitan Ogunmokun 
These days we speak about positive energy and negative energy but i dare to introduce a new one - I  call it the "Right energy". You see, because these words positive and negative have been thrown about a lot, their meanings might have been somewhat tainted and they are now subjective. But what is Right will always be Right. The truth is the truth, not your opinion.

I'm sure the next question is, "What is right energy?". Seeing as I just introduced it I'm still working on a full definition but what I can tell you is that it is each and every one of us to know what Right energy is. Don't overthink it! You'll find that you already know what i'm talking about.

I have also learnt that man will go to great lengths to protect anything or anyone that belongs to him and would want to do right by the things and the people he holds dear. The Earth is ours whether we like it or not and it's high time we started treating it like it is. At this juncture, I should point out that Earth in this written thought of mine is not just soil or crust but also the people on the planet. We are Earth, Earth is us. So if you would do right by the people you hold most dear, you would do right by Earth. How much love are you putting out there? How much joy are you spreading? How much peace are you facilitating?

The biggest problems we have now are not President Donald Trump or War or Nuclear Missile Threats or President Buhari or even Global Warming or Blackhole or Disease Epidemics, no no no! The biggest problem we have now are Loveless men and Oppressive interests. Just think about it, if we had a lot of love we wouldn't have people threatening to end an entire nation with nuclear weapon and we wouldn't even know what false democracy is and those really are the issues we have to deal with.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Show love, spread joy and encourage peace. You never know who your uncle's friend's brother's daughter might be to you but you would at least know that one way or the other she has received your love. Remember this, you are Earth and Earth is you.

This beautiful piece was written by Seyitan Ogunmokun, a friend of mine. If you loved it and would like to see more like it, let us know in the comments.

 "It has stretched my mind beyond its usual realms of thinking and has subliminally questioned me on the impact I intend to make on the world." 

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  1. Awesome piece. . I love as you deductively explained your concept of oblivion or voidness of the earth. It's always being a constant battle going on in mind and the question that often surge as I start thinking include....
    Our purpose on earth??
    What will happen when we live the earth??
    What will happen to the earth when erry'one dies? ?

    1. Thank you so much for reading. Your perspective is a good one, but I think what’s more important isn’t what happens when we leave earth, but how much impact we’re able to make on earth before we leave it. So in essence, “what are you doing now in an effort to leave earth better than you found it?” If you’re able to positively answer the question then you’re on the right track.
      Love, Martina. 💕

  2. Ton Ami Rafoski.15 July 2018 at 22:53

    So I had to read this blog post twice and I loved the part about love(no puns). Let's get things straight. Firstly, Love is not a wooly/warm feeling. You don't have to feel a certain way before you love. Now you may or may not agree with this. But if love is what would "Heal the world"-like MJ said. It's not supposed to be just a feeling. Feelings can die, emotions can stop. I for one know an emotionless person. The armed murdering psychopath doesn't care about the love you spread. He'll shoot at love if she were a person. Oya oh! This's somebody's blog oya roundup!! What I just want to say is before anybody became bad, they thought of it. Your impact may not be the whole world. But the young girl who has to "hide" her depression so it don't seem she's not stoic enough to be human. This girl needs LOVE. This will save the Earth and the Milky way will remember thy impact.

    1. Hey Raphael, I couldn’t stop laughing at this comment 😂😂. While I do agree that love isn’t a warm cosy feeling - (courtesy of a new book I’m reading), I do think that it makes all the difference. And yes, you don’t have to show it to every single person in the whole world because quite frankly it’s impossible. As long as you can show to those around you, and they show it to those around them, little by little, it’ll get to the whole world, or at least a large part of it.


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