I am not your perception of my clothing choice. 
I consider myself a relatively stylish young woman - I like clothes, I like experimenting with what I wear, I like trying new trends and I see fashion and style as a way to be creative and be myself. 
This summer in London the weather has been fantastic - although I know it is a result of global warming, but we’ll discuss that at a later point- giving me the freedom to experiment more with my clothing choices, which I couldn’t be happier about. 

However, I have come to realise that many people still hold narrow minded connotations of certain pieces of clothing, so being the Good Samaritan that I am I will break it down for anyone who was and is still confused: 
  • Women who wear sports bras / crop tops to the gym wear them because they are hot and will most likely get sweaty during their workout and do not like their clothes sticking to them, not because they want to attract attention in the gym. We do not appreciate comments made about our bodies wearing the aforementioned clothing items and no we will not stop wearing them so you stop commenting about them, we will keep wearing them because they are comfortable and you will learn to respect us. 
  • Rape came before mini skirts, so you advising me to stop wearing mini skirts / shorts because it will increase my chances of being raped or cause men to disrespect me is invalid because the only one responsible for rape is the rapist - not us and our mini skirts. And believe it or not we deserve respect, not because we are women, not because we are “decent” but because we are HUMAN BEINGS with the same fundamental human rights as you and respect is a courtesy that must be extended to ALL human beings. 
  • There is no grading system of respect when it comes to clothes - in many minds there are because we have all managed to sexualise inanimate objects. Case in point : Rihanna can wear a t-shirt to a shop and look casual and also wear a t-shirt somewhere else and look sexy because  she the human being is sexy not the shirt. So wearing an item of clothing does not connotante a persons character the person does. Side note - Women are shamed for wanting to be sensual and sexy and men are praised for it, if men feel the need and have the freedom to express it why shouldn’t women? 
There are many things in our daily lives that make being a woman difficult, most men I know spend little time choosing what to wear because they never have to think about how they will be viewed based on an outfit and no one should have to think about that, we all know not to judge a book by its cover so why is there an exception when it comes to women and what we wear? 

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section.

Jasmine x


  1. This is so true, especially here in Western Africa, it is always so hot here in Accra and still most women go around wearing very uncomfortable pieces just because they don’t want to be perceived as tempting the man.

    1. Hey hun! Thank you so much for reading. It is so sad that certain people sexualise inanimate objects and women are often at the end o f that, hopefully as we continue to have conversations like these we can change the narrative.


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