I have had a somewhat interesting relationship with yellow, growing up yellow and pink where my favourite because they looked the prettiest to me. As I became a teenager and began t realise I did not exactly fit the societal standard of femininity, I found comfort being categorised as a tomboy and sadly yellow and pink did not fit my new found aesthetic.

As I have gotten a bit more comfortable with myself and and consequently my style I have rekindled my love for yellow especially in warmer months. There is something about how well it suits and brightens my complexion when the sun hits it and how well it manages to be expressive without being obnoxious or blending into the background. A perfect balance of confidence, what I always aim to feel.

If you already follow my Instagram you will have seen a few appearances of my new found fashion favourite and here are a few more ways to add yellow into your life according to some of our favourite African bloggers.

We hope it will be making an appearance in your wardrobe.

Jasmine x