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I can’t find the words.
I’m trying to tell you about how much I struggled this week mentally but as I write this I’m drawing blank after blank after blank. 
I’m not in the habit of acknowledging that my mental health is a part of my identity- I know I should take care of it and I do but to admit to myself and others that it is part of me like my body is, I’ve never done.

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 I know I should spend time with myself to reconnect in moments of great stress and I do - I pray, I meditate and I practise yoga. What I am not equipped to deal with is doing all this and still struggling mentally, this week I prayed more than I usually do, I meditated whenever I had a moment to spare and I did yoga consistently every night before I went to bed and it all felt moot.
I was overwhelmed more than I have ever been mentally and there was nothing I could do about it.
I really struggled this week. 

I am better now and I will be good for a while but I will feel like I did again and I need to get to a point where I start to think of my mind like I do my body. I expect to get bouts of minor physical illness - cold,flu e.t.c but I am not prepared similar events to take place in my mind. I need to acknowledge that my mind is a part of me that needs just as much care and love that my body does if not more. And just like sometimes we take a flu drug without seeing an immediate effect, we might not see an expected difference after treating our mind and it is ok. 

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Life is not a series of peaks but instead continuous and unprecedented peaks and troughs. 

All that helped me was talking to others, taking a few deep breaths to stay calm and reminding myself I would feel better soon.

 It is completely normal. 

Do you experience days like these? What have you learned about yourself from them and how do you deal with them? 
I'd love to know! 
Jasmine x