A lot of people think of an identity as; who you are, the way you are viewed by the world and the characteristics that define you. While I do not disagree, I think there are several aspects to our identity that is not limited to our individual features and characteristics or in other words, our personal identity.

I'm a girl, I have black hair
I like to help people, I'm very good at organizing & planning.
This is my personal Identity, but it's not as important as self identity

Personal Identity & Self Identity:

Your personal Identity is a combination of your personal traits, beliefs, physical attributes and other aspects that make you who you are.
Your self Identity is your perspective of your personal identity. It's the way you see yourself and it's important because it affects the way you feel about yourself and how you behave in challenging situations.

Now, What does Self Discovery have to do with all of this?

When you're born, the idea of "self" isn't much of a focus, you're so busy learning how to walk & talk, you never question what it means to you.
All of a sudden, something unexpected happens - and you realize that you haven't made up your mind about about who you are, then you decide to "find" yourself. This is where Self discovery comes in.

Self Discovery is a form of identity formation except that it's more intentional than that. Identity formation is basically the development of the distinct personality of an individual, you develop habits and characteristics that define you, they become your identity. So, self discovery is basically the process of acquiring insight into one's character.

Identity & Self Discovery:

During the journey of self discovery, a person attempts to determine how they feel, personally about certain things (spiritual issues or priorities) rather than following a popular opinion or an idea that they were brought up with.

My self discovery journey started a few years ago, precisely in 2016. For a long time, I had low self esteem and I easily got intimidated (obviously), I also had this really bad habit of trying to fit in. At the time, this was my self Identity.
During this journey, a lot of things changed; my friends, my values, my priorities, relationship with myself and others. Simply, my whole Identity.

Now, I can't go into details because this is already a long enough article. But I will tell you that the journey is worth taking. You'll be a lot more happier, self confident, you'll understand yourself better, you'll have a strong sense of identity and you'll realize that who you are is who you perceive yourself to be.

"When I discover who I am, I'll be free."
-Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man.
You may not be able to change your personal identity, but your self identity is completely up to you. In other words; What we are never changes & who we are never stops changing.
So, what are you going to do now?.


Thank you so much for reading. I'd love to know your know thoughts on Identity & Self discovery, so leave a comment below.