Monthly Favorites X November

Wild thoughts’

My satin Leopard print slip-on dress has been my go-to dress for any brunch invite. However I also don’t want to wear it too much because I want to keep it in the best condition I possibly can. If you've ever owned an item of clothing that you’ve absolutely loved , then you’ll identify with this exact feeling.Animal print has made a major comeback from Snake print to Leopard print and I highly recommend getting one of these for days when you feel like stepping into a state of being bold &embracing your [feline]feminine energy. 

‘How is the sun kissing your lips sis?’
Matte lipstick is not cancelled... YET. Gloss it up. I’ve noticed lately, that
instead of just putting on lipstick, I’ll add a top coat of clear lipgloss. This was after I
realized that this additional step in your lipstick application gives you an effortless polished look.
This was when I remembered my old love, Smash-box O gloss. 

The one that stole my heart’
I recently re-discovered my love for Calvin Klein’s CK2. To be honest it’s the futuristic bottle
design that intrigued me then of course, the contents inside. It gravitates towards a linear clean
scent, literally like fresh air with a hint of florals-not too imposing. For a working girl, this is the
perfect everyday scent especially if you work in an open plan setting, in close proximity to others.

Rich housewives feels’
A good pair of sunnies might just be what you need to go from looking average to looking like you attend fundraisers and tea parties for a living. The Rectangle-shape frame does exactly this. Not sure if it’s because they’re androgynous-looking and just look so chic but this specific frame isn’t your typical du jour stylish sunglasses. They’re are timeless and if paired with the perfect outfit, you’ll be sure to slow down traffic.