“The highest honour on earth is the honour of being yourself”
Growing up in a millennial era, confidence is a huge topic that needs to be discussed more often. In this digital age, many of us are surrounded by unrealistic expectations and standards we ought to meet. My confidence is not something that was built overnight, I have never been timid but my confidence level right now is certainly higher than it was previously. 

You may wonder how I became more confident, I can answer by saying it ultimately depends on YOU. 

You have the choice to appreciate your own abilities/features/strengths/weaknesses or seek the approval of others. The moment you are able to look at yourself in the mirror and accept that you’re imperfectly perfect, that is the beginning of confidence. How you deal with situations, how you respond to comments, how you speak is enough validation to strangers of how much of a confident you are. When you have your head held high and you’re filled with gratitude and self- love, no one can make you feel less of what you are. 

My confidence has gotten stronger over the years because of the company I have chosen to keep and whose validation I approved of. I chose to interact with people who constantly reminded me that I am beautiful, I am eloquent and I am unique. You truly are the company you keep, if you spend a large amount of time with people that do not love themselves, who are looking to correct one flaw or the other. Then, that would soon reflect on yourself as an individual. But when you are surrounded by people who are confident, assertive and wise. It will also rub off on you. I think if at first, you don’t believe that you’re confident or you’re beautiful, a continuous reminder from great people will make it sink in.  There are several ways of being confident but it all starts from YOU.