Why I identify as a feminist.

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Feminism is my voice. 
Feminism allows me to change the narrative. 
Feminism means I create the narrative. 

In a time where people see a woman - ergo- less before they see human, without feminism I am nothing. 

Feminism is visibility.

Feminism is seeking transparency and accountability in a system that has locked our voices and misplaced the key. Feminism is being allowed to exist as a blank canvas in their minds and allowing the content of my character fill this canvas in whatever way I choose.

Feminism means that when people see me, they do not think young black girl who is poor, oppressed, unintelligent, uncivilised or dangerous as I am often represented in media but instead they see a young black girl who could be anything - a Beyonce, a Michelle, a Chimamanda, a Lupitha. 

Or simply a young black girl.

One that is navigating through the trials of the world whilst balancing the cloud of societal stigma.

Without feminism who would know my story?

- Jasmine O. 

Thank you so much for reading. I'd love to know if and why you identify as a feminist. This is an opportunity to think deep and use your voice. Leave a comment below.