2018 thank you, next

We’ve arrived yet again at the end of another year. I won’t sugar coat it, this year has most certainly been a handful with regards to experiences, realisations and growth for me. In all honesty, I wouldn’t necessarily want to relive this year again, but I do not regret its coming and certainly don’t stand in the way of its passing. On the other hand, some may have had the best year so far which is great! Appreciate those comings and prepare for an even better year in 2019.
One has to remember that every event in your life happens for a reason. Everyone has bad years and good years. I personally believe that God has placed these obstacles before us to teach us something and to contribute towards our growth.  I’d like to go over a few things that I’ve come to realise or develop an understanding in through experience this year.

To put yourself before others – make yourself a priority.

On nwaanyi, my fellow writers have discussed the topic of self-care and self-love quite extensively to highlight the upmost importance of achieving it. Be content with yourself, so that you can recognise when something is not good for you and can let it go acknowledging that you are better off without it. It’s all about taking care of yourself more. If you’re someone who tends to look after the needs of others, you come to a point where you realise that you’ve neglected yourself in many aspects, and have reduced yourself as a second priority. There is nothing wrong with looking after others, in fact it just reflects your caring nature. However, the harsh reality is that people come and go, but at the end of the day the person you come to face is yourself. 

"...CHOOSE YOURSELF in the New Year"  

FOCUS really focus on achieving your goals – no distractions.

The main obstacle between achieving my goals is ME. An example is that often when it comes to university work, procrastination is extremely tempting. This obviously results in last minute essays, increased levels of stress and generally an imbalance in my entire daily routine. Remaining motivated and dedicated to completing your work is actually quite challenging, but you’re going to have to shift your mindset and zone in on the fact that completing the work before you is one step closer to your goal.

Something that could help in remaining focused  is creating a to do list of things you want to achieve in your day. University teaches you the importance of time management. Numerous, and I am talking a lot, of attempts have been made to create a timetable to follow in the hopes of completing work on time and getting a good night’s sleep for once. An issue is that it NEVER seemed to work. For two days I’d be clinging to it like my life depended on it, not go over my assigned break time by a minute, but then that dedication deteriorates by the third day. My ten-fifteen minute breaks turn into an hour or maybe two (entirely Netflix’s fault, take the blame) and frankly I get bored of the routine and find ANY reason I can not to work, suddenly my drawers look extremely untidy and need organising. The solution to this for me was to switch up my study locations and to spend my breaks doing things that are not screen-oriented.

Furthermore, get started on your visions, don’t allow your doubts in your ability and success to cloud that vision and delay its upcoming. You’ll never know what you can achieve unless you actually go forth with it.

HEALTH should be a priority – both mental and physical.

I entered 2018 with quite an appalling health record and I’m leaving it with a more improved one, but with still a lot more dedication required. One thing that I appreciate a lot from this year is my newfound goal of achieving a healthy lifestyle. Achieving a healthy lifestyle really impacts other aspects of your life in a positive way. Eating correctly builds up your physical strength to tackle the day such as enabling you to focus and having effective working periods. For those who have skin problems, changing your eating habits and drinking water regularly can really impact your skin positively.  A healthy lifestyle is not dependent solely on eating right, but also on things such as having a good amount of sleep, I personally have attempted to start my mornings earlier to complete all my work at a good time and aim to have a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. It's also essential and beneficial to do some sort of physical activity regularly which doesn't necessarily mean signing up to the gym, you can also do things such as kick-boxing, dance classes, cycling and many more. Take up a healthy habit, something you enjoy. 

Also, I cannot stress the importance of being aware of your mental health. Many people are going through rough times in their lives and it can really take a toll on one’s mental health. Speaking to someone about the events in your life, or the emotions you’re feeling can be really beneficial in taking some weight off your shoulders. Sometimes you might find that the best way to improve your mental health is by tackling those issues head on, whether you do so on your own or with the help of someone else. If you’re someone who feels anxious quite often, find some sort of activity that can ease those anxious feelings such as doing some sort of physical activity such as Zumba or running, or watching your favourite movies/tv show or reading and more. Make 2019 a year of building up your physical and mental strength.

Acknowledge the negatives and keep. It. moving.

Honestly, it’s very easy to look at the negative aspects of everything and toss yourself into a deep dark well. The harsh reality is that while you dwell and remain in the well, time isn’t waiting for you. These negative thoughts and negative experiences can hold you back, but you need to find the strength within yourself to move forward. Every obstacle you overcome builds up your character, contributes to your growth and guides you to the next door. Yet again, you are unaware of what lies behind that door, be it another negative thing or possibly a positive thing, but remain hopeful of what’s to come and, most importantly, stay positive. It’s easier said than done but positivity can really alter your outlook on things. For example, this year was rocky however, I acknowledge that this year I’ve developed relationships with people I cherish and care for wholeheartedly, attended events that have created amazing memories, improved my health significantly and the list goes on. I am thankful for this year as it has only motivated me to make 2019 a great year. 
This is my mood for 2019.
Really reflect upon the negatives and positives of this year and prepare yourself for an incredible 2019.

I wish you all a happy new year and may 2019 aspire to be an amazing year.

-          Tasneim x