A letter to my 15-year-old self

Hey Steph,

I just wanted to write this note to say that you, my dear are magic! I know you always feel unappreciated, overlooked and just average because certain people and things have allowed you to believe that about yourself.  You’ve heard the word “can’t” several times from teachers who are meant to be guiding and inspiring you to fulfil your dreams.

 Magazines, Tumblr pages and Kate Moss that all swear “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” have led you to think that eating disorders are cool. They’ve somehow how managed to convince you that you will never be truly happy until you become a size zero. That’s why you stand in front of the mirror miserable and hating the thickness of your thighs and the wideness of your hips.

Oh! If only you knew just how magnificent you were then perhaps you would stop trying to be poor imitations of everyone else. Girl the only person you’ll ever be good at being is yourself! And why wouldn’t you want to be? You are smart, kind, caring, funny, creative and beautiful. Yes. I said beautiful- contrary to what you believe there isn’t only one way to be beautiful and I long for the day you come to that realisation. Because then my love, you will finally free.

Being a teenager is a whirlwind of an experience but it’s one that you will get through. You have a mother who would literally move heaven and earth to make you happy and a brother who admires and looks up to you. You’ve got friends who make you laugh and help make the rigours of secondary school easier to bear. Most importantly you have God, who loves you exactly the way you are and is always looking out for you.

You have a whole life ahead of you- many more memories to create, new people to meet, adventures to embark on and LOTS of soul searching and self discovery to do . You don’t have life all figured out right now and you know what? that’s okay because I’m still figuring it out myself! So forget about what others expect of you and don't be so hard on yourself because you'll get there eventually!

                                                                              Lots of love, your 24-year-old self

I promise that you are going to get to a point in life where you no longer doubt or question your worth because by then you would have figured out what what all those naysayers and doubters didn’t want you to know- that you ARE good enough.

By Stephanie Ogunmilade (@stephoguns)