If you are on the lookout for something to gift this festive season, here are a few things we think you might like. We have carefully curated a list of gifts and experiences created by or featuring African women which we believe will have your needs in mind.

Skincare products from Epara skincare  - 

This luxury skincare brand specialises in creating skincare products for skincare conditions that are common amongst women of colour. The range includes all the products you could possibly need, formulated with ingredients that cater to a plethora of conditions.

Makeup from Nue Makeup 

If you are looking for highly pigmentated long-lasting makeup, Nue Makeup provides an array of products in bright beautiful colours that we absolutely love, from eyeshadows to body shimmers all the makeup you want at a reasonable price. 

Jewellery from Foaki

All the jewellery you have seen on Instagram/Pinterest/Tumblr but had no idea where you could purchase them are all stocked by this jewellery brand that creates the most beautiful and stylish pieces. 

Clothes from Melmant.

This newly launched collection promised the most beautifully designed premium pieces.

See Verse Writer perform live.

If you enjoy poetry and want to experience an uplifting combination of art, music and spoken word then you must see Lanaire perform her one-woman show on the 10th and 11th of December. If her self-published book 'Of Ivory and Ink' is anything to go by, it will be phenomenal. 

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