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Of the many things that are stagnant in this world, change is the only thing we know is constant. Without change, there is no growth and we as humans need growth. 
It's the beginning of the year and as expected there are several posts on starting afresh, discovering one's self, self-love, all of which are important and necessary.  

Sadly I am yet to come across anything that encourages you to break out of your comfort zones and initiate personal growth so here is my take on this. 

Here are some important things I think we all need to consider: 
If you try to something and yield results you are not satisfied with, do you do the same thing again? No, take a step back and assess why the previous action did not yield its expected results and re-strategise 
You have to go through rough times and sometimes situations that you might not particularly like, boring meetings or classes but all of these experiences teach you important lessons which will help you deal with situations better in the future.  

It will be tough when you are out of your comfort zone because everything seems so different and difficult. But with time, you will grow and achieve so much more because nothing was handed to you and everything you have is a direct result of the effort and hard work you put into it.  
Actively seeking new experiences helps our growth and our development and we are able to decide based on our experiences what gets to stay and what habits die. 
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I personally took the challenge upon myself to try new things before 2018 ended. I started a new school, which was very far from my close family (comfort zone). Initially, I was so excited because I had all this newly gained freedom (I thought). I  joined to rowing team, mind you I had never rowed in my life until I joined the team.  I was welcoming of and to any opportunity given to me, I took risks and I loved every bit of it. 

School started off very fun, with all the welcome activities and parties. 
But slowly I became bored, my friends were not here and my family was so far from me. I tried to make friends and make the most of my new environment. Rowing was tough initially I had to wake up at 4:20am every day of the week so that I could practice at 5am (mind you I am not a morning person but, I made it work), they were days I got punched in the back with us, days when core workouts killed me, days were I felt I didn't fit in because I was new. But eventually I got the hang of it and I absolutely love it now. 

From the change I began at the end of the year, I have seen a significant change in my lifestyle. I am more productive than I have ever been, I now have a strong relationship with time management (It is a lifesaver). 
leaving my comfort zone made me realize how much I am able to achieve. I started working in a lab that is in lieu with my major and It only gets better from here.  If i can do it, so can you.

An Olive has to go through three stages, for its oil to run. It has to go through the shaking, the beating, and the pressing. (lyrics from Jekalyn Carr- Greater is coming). 
And just like the olive, some of us may have felt like you go through the shaking, the beating and the pressing. You have gone through all of that for you to grow, now the time is coming.