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''In a perfect world, each person would know the right career for him and all the required elements would fall into place."

While some people are lucky enough to know exactly what they want to do without having to think about it, others are not. A lot of people don't put enough effort into choosing occupations or pick them for the wrong reason. And then no matter how much money they make, they're still unhappy.

Before you choose your career
     A lot of factors must be considered before you choose your career. Remember, it's not just about picking a job, it's about picking one that you'll be happy with for the rest of your life
      Here are some things to consider when choosing your career;

  1.  Your happiness: don't be pressured to do something that you're not happy with or passionate about. Every career has its problems and it's your passion & love for what you do that'll get you through those difficult times.
  2. Training & Education: Most careers require some form of education, you may have to school for long periods of time. Make sure that you're ready to make that commitment. This is why it's advisable to do some research about your chosen career first.
  3. Identify your skills: Every career requires a different skill set.for that reason, you must figure out what you're good at first before choosing a career. Ensure that your chosen career fits your personality. e.g If you can't stand the sight of blood, don't be a Doctor.
  4. Remember that anything can happen: The most marketable career now might not be so marketable tomorrow. Also, the path to your career may not follow the conventional route, it might take longer than you expected, so be patient.
  5. Learn about the people already in your career. Observe their lifestyle so that you can get an idea of what your life will look like in the future. This will give you a lot of insight into the career & its effects on your personal life. 
  6. Availability of Jobs: If you plan to live in a specific area or country for the rest of your life, you should consider whether or not the practice of your chosen career is feasible in that location and if there are also available jobs for it.
   There are a lot of people who have multiple careers that they enjoy. A career isn't one size fits all because we're all different and so are our interests, never go into a career just because someone else is on that track and is doing well.

Some people mistakenly believe that only one perfect career exists for an individual and for a long time I was one of those people. Now, I want my career to be a combination of different things, I want it to go beyond the realms of science and into the realm of art, I don't believe there's such a thing as the "perfect career" and if there is, it would be one that allows me to explore all the aspects of my personality.