BOSS BABE: Building your dream career

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It's weird, there are just a few months left till i get to the point in my life that I always thought was so far away. If we rewind to 10 years ago, I was this 11-year-old girl that thought she would be a Dr X,  No real motivation to save the world then, but it was the box that I fit in. I slowly grew and realised my dreams would be harder to achieve and as I grew, even more, I began to question the very core of my identity - was this education thing really for me? Being raised in Sierra Leone, academic excellence as with other African countries was always viewed as the pinnacle of success. 

Now you may be wondering why the brief history lesson? 

Well, here are a few things I have come to realise over the years: 
- What you believe to be your dream career, may not be what is really meant for you. 
- Opportunities don't come knocking at your feet. 

- Failure is as much a part of your career journey as success is. 

How have I learnt this?
Through personal rejections, countless, the most gut-wrenching being my rejection from becoming the Doctor little me dreamed of. With my dreams squashed, it was time to navigate my personal reality. I then started my journey on a life science course. I can now say I don't regret " giving up " on my dream to become a Doctor because through letting go of an unfulfilled goal came the birth of my true calling. 

This little gem was created due to the gap I saw in providing information about the vast options availiabe after studying a life science degree. It also aims to provide a form of representation for ethnic minorities and women. Science is a field dominated by white males for obvious reasons. I also created the page to show that there wasn't one way to do a "science". You don't need to be a Sheldon, because the reality is you don't have to be anything but passioante about what you are doing and learning. 

Circling back to my point, through my blog I have been able to have many meaningful conversations with so many amazing women and a few men lol. I have come to learn so much from strangers that are willing to share their journeys and encourage another life science enthusiast. 

Building your career does involve pre- planning and a rough idea of where you want to be. Weirdly it equally involves being able to look at your plans and tweak bits, maybe even completely re-think. What i am trying to emphasise is the importance of flexibility. Being from an African household you think after university that dream job just comes to you because you have that degree but that isn't always the case. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations, try new opportunities that scare you. Challenging yourself is the only way that you will ever see growth. 

What I have learnt through the many interviews is that life has a way of handing you lemons and indeed make the best freaking lemonade you can from those lemons. 

Eg- you have your heart set out on becoming a cardiologists but the only opportunities that come your way are neuroscience related. Take the opportunity and don't reject it becasue it isn't what's on you plan. You can take the skills you learnt and still apply it to your main goal, you may even find out that you are better suited for neuroscience.
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As human beings, we fear being judged and rejected. Other peoples judgement provided you are being true to yourself shouldn't affect your goals. Meaning if you get rejected 5 times from the same thing and still try but people around you don't understand, it doesn't mater... keep trying because you know where YOU want to be in life. As long as you aren't being stagnant, anything is progress. 

The thing with rejection is we make it seem like the worst thing in the world. When you break down the realities of rejection, you find that you are never worse of than where you started originally. After a rejection you gain more than you lose. The only thing lost really is the opportunity you never had in the first place. The things gained are resilience, lessons on how you can better future applications and even the freedom/space for the universe to align the correct opportunity for you. 

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Lastly I would like to mention the importance of networks. Building an accountability network, Friends that will push you to achive your goals, reach out to people that inspire you because help is literally just a dm away in our generation. 

Love yourself, Believe in yourself and aim as high as freaking possible because you can be that boss babe :) 

Adama x