Career - a fine balance between uncertainty and faith.

At the end of January, Jasmine contacted me to remind me of this month’s theme - career. I ignored the message as I thought it was silly to write about something I had no idea about. She, however, allowed me to see it from a different perspective. A career, in my mind, is synonymous with accomplishment, hard work, money and passion.
They are tricky because it requires you to find a balance between your passion and what you believe your purpose is. I am young and uncertain about what my career will look like but I’m sure it will be geared towards Agriculture, community development and women’s studies. I know that I want to be internationally based and I want my work to be impactful in some capacity.

I do not know where I will work, I do not know where I see myself in 5 years, I know that if I am fixed on career plans right now things can change along the way. Like most things in life our career paths are dynamic and prone to change, it is important to accommodate that change as it will often lead to growth and development.

So I like to have my options open and go with the flow and be positive that along the way something/someone/ an event will eventually lead me to where I’m meant to be. Like I stated earlier, I’m uncertain about my career and that is fine, you do not have to have everything figured out today.

To get a different perspective on what career means, I asked a few of my friends and these are the responses I received.

“Career to me has meant different things at different points in my life. In high school, my career was what I was going to jump right into-after my university-and rise swiftly to the top ranks. Become a household name and make a shitload of money. This perspective changed swiftly after my industrial training in 2017 and spending 6 months as a junior architect. Although I want to specialize in restoration and conservation; I realized I wouldn’t want my career to be streamlined to one thing but to sort of be AN embodiment of different skills. In these few months after the completion of my undergrad program and before the commencement of my post grad, I have tried to make that embodiment a reality by UX design, improving my graphics product design and engaging in architectural research while doing a graduate internship in an architectural firm. I would definitely dabble in archeology sometime soon. It is my goal to one day intern with global citizen as a content creator; or VVB as a graphic designer or work at BIG as an architect. In a nutshell, I don’t want to be limited. I want to be the architect who was in the team that created this app and also wrote this mind blowing article on restoring that French-gothic beauty. Versatility basically. That’s what career is to me.”  
-Uche Ojieh

“Basically an occupation that I am passionate about I would say it’s different from a job in the sense that a career is something that’s long term...a career requires passion since it’s basically something you’d be doing for the most part of your life” 
- Pelumi Akiwowo.

Life throws us some lemons, we can only trust that we’ll drink a few lemonades. We can hope that after all our hard work and consistency we will have the career that is best suited for us. According to Forbes, A career is not just a quick fix. It takes time, energy, self-reflection and self-growth, courage, and a willingness to see and do things differently from how you’ve been programmed since you were a child to approach life, relationships, and work.

One’s career is not built overnight, it takes time and self-discovery. I hope with these different perspectives you are able to resonate is someway with at least one or all of them. I hope you are able to channel your life in the right/wrong way and learn from whatever the outcome may be that you are destined for greatness.