Mental health needs a great deal of attention. It's the final taboo 
and it needs to be faced and dealt with." 
- Adam Ant

Our mental health plays an important role in the way we deal with stress, how we relate to others, and the decisions we make in our daily lives. It will be almost impossible to realize your full potential, be productive and handle the problems that come with life if we do not have positive mental health.

Healthy mental health will help you achieve the stability you seek and live and purposeful, intentional life.

"It's up to you today to start making healthy choices. Not choices that are just healthy for your body, but healthy for your mind." - Steve Maraboli

So, how can we achieve this:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Pay attention to your feelings
  • Spend time in nature
  • Pursue a hobby
  • Laugh/Smile often
  • Grieve your loses - but only for a while 
  • Accept yourself, imperfections and all
  • Only try to change yourself, not others
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Spend less time in front of your screen
  • Connect with friends and family
  • Try to do things because you want to, not out of obligation
  • Practice gratitude daily
  • Express your feelings, it's unhealthy to keep emotions bottled up
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Exercise
  • Remember that it is healthy to say "no" sometimes
  • Forgive yourself when you screw up
  • Spend some time by yourself
  • Get to know yourself, it makes everything easier
  • Listen to your instincts
  • See a therapist if you have to
  • Practice deep calming breathing 
  • Prayer & Meditation is a necessity

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other thing," - Abraham Lincoln
I really do hope that this article is helpful to you in some way, I'd also love to know some of the ways in which you ensure positive mental health, so feel free to talk about it in the comments.